What to do when you have a sucky P&S (Crocheted Kindle Case BTS)

Note: After finishing this post, I realized how uninteresting this is to the average person, so skip all the reading if you want and look at the pictures. It’s just a bunch of before and after photos from me using GIMP, and the words are all the technical things I did, but at least read the captions. :)

Since I wanted to keep my last post about my Kindle case nice and clean and free of bad photographs, I decided to post all the bad photos here for no reason. Just kidding. I just wanted to write another post showing how much GIMP I had to use to use in order to make my photographs look better, and I’m nowhere near a pro at either photography or GIMP.  You see, I used a 5 megapixel point-and-shoot camera to take these pictures, and even in really good lighting, they turned out something like this:

Your phone could probably take a better photo

Which as you can see, is a little pathetic, since the lighting looks horrible and the colors look really faded. So I opened up GIMP, adjusted the levels (“organized” way to change brightness and contrast)  a bunch to make the picture super bright and have a bunch of contrast. Then I selected the case and background separately and repeated, and I ended up with this.

This is a different photo, but it was taken literally seconds after the other one.
 And plus, part of the background is edited in this one. I bet you couldn’t tell. :D 

I actually thought I was done editing the photo at this point since all the lighting looked great, but then I compared the actual case with the case in the picture, and I realized how highlighter-y yellow the case in the photograph looked and how sharp the edges of the case were if you zoomed in closely due to me selecting the case poorly when adjusting the levels.

I was stuck here for a while, not knowing what to do, when I remembered about the hue-saturation adjustment  on GIMP, where you basically can just change the color of everything. (e.g. make the entire photo more blue) or just certain colors (e.g. make all the green parts of the photo more blue) Yes, I know I’m kind of stupid for not realizing this earlier, but whatever. After adjusting the yellow to make it more orange and the cyan (a aqua-ish color) to a bluer color, I finally ended up with the right colors.However, there was still the problem with the bad edges.

If I were some professional at GIMP, I’m sure there would be some way to smudge the picture or use another tool to soften the lines, but since I wasn’t a professional, blurring the edges would have to do. The edges weren’t perfect in the final image, but it was better than it was before.


I’m not going to post the rest of the before/after pictures because that would be boring, (this post is probably already boring enough) but there’s one more thing I’d like share that happened to me when GIMPing my photos. I used the color picker when editing a photo, and below is a screenshot of the color it gave me.

Why is it telling me that’s it’s GREEN? It’s yellow! Another side effect of using a P&S I guess…

So that time, when adjusting the hues, I had to adjust green as well as yellow. Oh, and by the way, would you like to see the final version of this picture? Yes? No? Well too bad, here it is:


I’m not going to go into detail into what I did, since I feel like this post is already long enough  (if you really care though, ask me in the comments!)

So, to wrap things up, um…well, GIMP is an amazing program, it’s free, (you can download it here) it has essentially the same functions as Photoshop, and it can make pictures look a lot better, so if you have a chance, go learn it! (It’ll be worth it.)

4 thoughts on “What to do when you have a sucky P&S (Crocheted Kindle Case BTS)

  1. Great work! :D I'm guessing that the weirdly broken countertop in the last image was a result of rotating it in GIMP, so I've got nothing else to add, feedback-wise. The only thing is…GIMP, why u no work on Macs? ;_; Then I could brush up on my (non-existent) editing skills with the help of your blog. XD


  2. Yeah, I filled in the corners with the clone tool really quickly, and forgot about checking to see how it looked. XD And you've probably seen this already, but I found a Mac version of GIMP. It only works on newer Macs though. http://www.gimp.org/macintosh/ Thanks for coming to my blog! Hopefully you come back…


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