Crocheted Kindle Case

So the other day, I was organizing my old school supplies, when I came across this little thing inside my French binder that I had crocheted .

(Obviously, this wasn’t how I found this, but I 
drew in some things to show how it was used.)

I had kept my French verb cards inside this little pouch during the school year and sewed in an edge where I put the binder rings through. It had served its purpose fairly well inside my binder for almost a year and received many compliments about the design and the fact that I actually had made something just to hold index cards, but now, I didn’t need it anymore. So what would I do with it?

Taking it apart, which is what I usually do with 70% of the stuff I make, seemed like a waste in this case, since it was a perfectly good pouch, so I remade it into a case for my Kindle. After undoing the sewing, I saw that the pouch was a little short to cover the entire Kindle, so I blocked it, which basically means soaking the entire material in water, stretching it to the right shape (in my case, making it a lot longer), and letting it dry. Afterwards, I made a little loop to sew on top with the string that was used on the edge, attached a button…

…and VOILÀ! I had my case!

A couple more pictures below (I’m kinda practicing my photography skills here, so don’t judge too harshly!)

Graph paper background! Doesn’t
 it look like it’s levitating?

So what do you guys think? Should I keep crocheting? Should I keep making things like this, or move on to more practical stuff? Or make stuffed animals? Or stuff I can donate to charity? Tell me what you think!

3 thoughts on “Crocheted Kindle Case

  1. Thanks! I was actually thinking about starting a shop on Etsy at one point, but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to make, and there would probably be copyright laws. (I have to ask permission before I use anyone's pattern or remake their work) Although now that you mention it, I just might start a shop someday. Thanks again for the inspiration!


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