Realistic Fiction

Most of you know that my favorite book genre is realistic fiction, or at least know that my favorite book is Looking for Alaska by John Green, which most of you have not heard about except from me raving. I actually thought I read pretty common books until I realized that not many people had heard of my favorite books and were reading other books and series. I’ve read a few “popular” books to see what they’re like, but every time I go to the library, I still go for realistic fiction. Why?
Ok, this is just a generalization, but most famous books these days are part of a series, as opposed to novels. Most realistic fiction books are novels. Therefore, they are not famous, and it seems like no one really knows about them. Publishers do this intentionally because they know people would rather read a book by an author they recognize than by a new author. And what better way to keep them reading by creating a series? However, I feel that once you break up a story into separate books, you won’t remember nearly as much about the previous book than if you had read it right after, and the first few chapters are intended for you to catch back up with the story. On the other hand, if you were starting a novel, you would be spending that same time starting a new story and meeting new characters and new ideas and a new concept and new…you get the point. Besides, it’s more interesting to go to the library and handpick a book you like instead of methodically going through all your favorite authors.
Another reason, and the main reason, that I like realistic fiction is the characters. This is a personal preference, but I like to read books more for the characters than the actual story. Characters, you can relate to. Events, not so much. 

“Oh yeah, I’ve totally know what it’s like to fall down a set of stairs and get partial amnesia that makes me forgot everything that happened to me after 6th grade including how to drive and my boyfriend and what happened to my mom and my new stepmom that I’m supposed to hate.”

 (referring to Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac)

All my favorite books have characters that I felt like I knew personally, (Looking for Alaska) characters I was kind of in love with, (Anna and the French Kiss…sigh) or more recently, characters who have like, real problems (I might expand on this in another post, but as an example, Speak)  Most people haven’t heard of any of those books other than from me. See what I mean when I say people don’t really know about my favorite books?
Anyways, the point of this post isn’t exactly to persuade you to read more realistic fiction (although it would be nice to have more people who share my book taste) or to say that all other genres are inferior to realistic fiction. It just seems like a lot of people think I have a weird taste in books and like other genres instead, and I wanted to write about why I like realistic fiction.
If you want to keep up with the books I read, you’re welcome to follow me on Goodreads. Actually, join anyways if you read books becuase it’s a really good way to keep track of the books  you’ve  read.

I might start writing book reviews soon since it’s hard to describe a book on a 1-5 scale like on Goodreads, but I’m planning on focusing on less-common books (not necessarily realistic-fiction) because I feel like the famous books already have enough hype about them.

So I guess there’s my first official post. I wasn’t expecting it to be so long or to have hyperlinks in them (They all link to Goodreads by the way, not Amazon or something) I guess this is the world of blogging. 

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