A Blog…Seriously? Yes, A Blog.

So before you people start judging me, I just want to say…um….hi, and welcome to my new blog? What a great first impression. Anyways, I started this blog to write about all the weird ideas I get, and show (off, I guess) some of the stuff I make and write reviews of books, songs, and just respond to other articles I find interesting. And maybe some other stuff. :)

For all of you wondering why I created a blog , and not a Facebook or a Twitter or a Tumblr or just stuck with Google+, a blog just seemed like the best place to write longer posts and where people will actually read something and not just be like “ooh, this looks interesting, LIKE/RETWEET/SHARE/+1! :D”. So there’s a hint. I’m going to try to post longer stuff, and hope that people like, READ it.  Although it’d be amazing if you could share as well.

Not many people I know have blogs, so I doubt that many people will read this, but if you do, give me some feedback so I know that I’m actually writing to someone. Comment, email me with ideas, follow it, suggest a better title, convince me to create a Facebook. Acknowledge your presence. 

Hmmm…A little cutting, editing, copy-pasting…and there’s my welcome message!


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